Bookkeeping tailored to your needs. No lock in contracts. No lump sum payments.


You need a bookkeeper that inputs more than data

You need a bookkeeper who takes care of your business.

That’s why you need James. He’s got the right bookkeeping solution for you, no matter what size business you have

Nobleship Bookkeeping helps small business clients stay on top of your books so they’re in perfect order when it comes time for your accountant to do what he does best.  Nobleship Bookkeeping doesn’t provide any tax or BAS services.

Books Balanced

Lines Reconciled

Hours of Payroll Completed

Unhappy Clients

Great features that will enhance your business.

James uses specialised software that’s right to grow your business.

And, he takes all the hard work out of running your business.

James keeps your business above board with by taking care of your bookkeeping and constant reconciling, so his service will pay for itself when you go to see your accountant at tax time. Instead of your accountant charging you $300 an hour to fix little things, you’ll have an air tight set of accounts and the confidence that your business will stay afloat.

Cloud Accounting Software

No overheads – James can get to your accounts from anywhere.

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They call it “the cloud” because it sounds better than “server bank in Southern China” – whatever you want to call it, James uses it to save you a lot of money and time – don’t understand it?  Just call and ask.  My number is here somewhere.

Pay Employees

James will set up and maintain your payroll from 1 employee to 1000 employees.

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A few questions, a few simple steps and I will have your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll up and running – everything, holiday and sick pay accrual, superannuation.  All of it.  Just ask, its done.

Invoice from your Mobile

James can show you how to invoice when you are watching TV or sitting on the toilet.

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James can make this work for you. James will set you up a template that looks just like the invoices you issue now, and he can do your invoicing.  I can show you how to turn a quote into an invoice in two seconds.  How long do you spend quoting/invoicing?  James will probably save you a lot of time.

Phone Support

If you get stuck – just call.  As many times as you need.

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Are you worried you don’t understand something you should?  Do you just want to start at the beginning?  Accountants account every day – things they think are simple and easy probably confuse you.  “Write it off” “Take it up in this period” “Depends how you gear it”.  Call me.  All it will cost you is a cup of tea or a beer – depending on the time of day. Twinings  or VB only.

Books Always Balanced

Will let you know exactly where you stand, at the end of every month.  If you need it sooner – just ask.

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By looking at your accounts, coding and reconciling on a regular basis,  I will know where your business is at and will be able to keep you heading true north.

Background Accounts Reconciled

Either you wait three months to a year to see your accountant.  Here, you will have an accountant reconciling constantly.

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Again, having someone who knows accounting looking at things regularly saves masses of time when you go to see your accountant.  Let me do your work for a very low cost, very regularly and the money you spend will be reflected when you make your quarterly/yearly visit to your accountant.

“I think poached eggs with Worchester sauce would be a very popular breakfast option for cafes.”

“Always check repairs and maintenance.  You would not believe what people code to that account”

“I think that Sean Connery being the best James Bond will be an intergenerational thing.  It is just the way it is, that being said, I did enjoy Goldeneye”

“I went on a cruise recently.  Thought I wouldn’t like it, tried it, loved it.”

” A well kept set of accounts is its own reward.”

Meet James, he’s a pretty laid back kinda guy.

People really like James, he’s down to earth and tells it how it is.

Noble Ship Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping service founded by a guy who has spent many years in accounting firms. Noble Ship Bookkeeping has nothing to do with being noble, and its resemblance of maritime activities is xero. Noble Ship Bookkeeping is simply a polite way of saying No Bullshit Bookkeeping.

Why does your business not only want, but need No Bullshit, ah, that is, Noble Ship Bookkeeping? It’s a no brainer, really. James has worked in a large number of firms in Orange, NSW. This old sea salt is familiar with the accounting practice and understands what works well for clients, and what doesn’t. He’s about providing value, not fancy accounting jargon.

James isn’t going to let your ship sink. He’s learned much from the various mentors he looks up to in the accounting industry, and now offers you quality bookkeeping that actually helps you make proactive choices in your business.

So Noble Ship Bookkeeping is really all about helping you. James ensures your books are in good order and since he has such great relationships with the accounting firms he’s worked with in Orange NSW, he’ll be able to work alongside your accountant to get a better result for you overall.

James loves accounting. But he loves people more. And that’s why he’s created Noble Ship Bookkeeping. It’s all about the people. He’s committed to helping businesses make the most of their books, and fixing problems before they occur. He’s not interested in charging you a huge, unexpected bill at the end of the year. He simply wants to ensure that your books are up to date so you have peace of mind and can just get on with doing the things you like to do.

By shedding expensive accounting overheads and working from the cloud, James Madden a CPA associate is able to offer a bookkeeping/accounting/consultant service at a dramatically reduced price, easily affordable by the small business community that need it most.




James loves cloud technology.

He’ll set you up with specialised software that is right for your business.

I can’t compete with the traditional software, with the old birds who have been MYOBing for the last 20 years.  Then this revolutionary software comes along and puts everyone on the same page.  Your accountant has 700 years experience?  Great.  They have been using this software just as long a me.  I got in and learned as much as I could from day one – I am riding the crest of this wave.

James is always on for a chat.

So drop him a line. Find out how you can get 30 days free.

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